About us

With over 30 years creating commercial software, Sell on Site is able to build bespoke software solutions for all types of trades and businesses.

We also have a core range of software products, for more information see below…

We work in partnership with our clients, and advise them how to maximise the potential of the software for their business needs now and into the future. We go beyond just providing a training manual.

Our software streamlines common business management and control systems, solving real world problems with real world solutions.

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Our Software Solutions


SOS Optimum is a trusted brand offering a practical, robust and complete business management software solution.

Optimum is suitable for any size business, whether single or multi-site, no matter how many users.
Our end-to-end office system covers:

  • Maintaining customers, suppliers and products centrally and easily.
  • Sales Management, including: customer discounts, management of multiple prices, all sales entry tasks, barcode picking, cash payments, customer and supplier returns.
  • Purchase Management, including: automated stock assessment, calculation and reporting, purchase ordering, receipts and invoicing.
  • Effective Stock Control, including: inter-branch transfers, imprest stock, stock counting, reporting and adjustments.
  • Ledgers: sales, purchase, and nominal.
  • Reporting and Analytics

You will be considering us if you are interested in saving time and money, the essentials of increasing business performance.

Insights is the new data analytics tool from SOS.
It’s a bit different from the standard business analysis tools. Yes, it provides all the standard business metrics that you would expect to find, like sales graphs, profit & loss figures etc., but it provides much more than this. Insights puts you in the driving seat, giving you precision and control to journey into how your business really ticks. Having clear graphical data at your fingertips tells you exactly where your business is, allowing you to plan your route to success.
Ask us about taking a test drive of SOS Insights – who knows what you might find?

Simple Stock manages your stock, simply!

Simple to use, but powerful in performance and features – providing a barcoded stock management system at an affordable price.

  • Do you know how much stock you have right now?
  • Do you know when it is time to re-order so you can always your orders?
  • Do you know the value of the stock you hold?
  • Do you overstock, leaving your cash tied up in stock that you don’t need?
  • Our bar-coded stock management solves all these issues, and is easy to implement and use.

Simple Stock allows you to record every stock movement and return, from deliveries to movements within your workplace. Simple Stock can manage supplies and raw materials, as well as finished products.

Simple Stock allows you to easily set stock limits, then prompts you when your stock levels fall below the limits. So you can always re-order stock before you run out. Essential for keeping the stock you need on hand at all times.

It is the perfect solution for a small business.


RIK provides a mobile sales kit for your team when they visit customers.
The RIK resource kit provides your reps with all the information they may need to make and maximise sales with individual customers.

RIK includes:

  • Stock taking facility & stock management tools
  • Automated stock replenishment orders, generated from the stock take
  • Ability to generate ad hoc orders for on the spot sales
  • Ability to check customer pricing whilst with the customer
  • Prompts rep about latest promotions relevant to the customer
  • Holds multiple supplier catalogues which can be accessed at the customer, enabling customer needs to be met and sales to be maximised
  • Holds ad hoc notes against customer as an aide memoire to the rep
  • RIK is updated daily which means information is up to date, relevant and at their fingertips. RIK helps your reps improve the quality of their customer care.

Never lose a sale because you don’t have what you need when you are with a customer.


Easy Stock is a distributor’s-end customer stock management tool.

Easystock is a bar-coded stock solution which automates stock management for the end customer.

Distributors benefit in the following ways:

  • Increases customer retention
  • Allows time for more sales activity with the customer
  • Provides distributor with a better understanding of the customer’s business and needs
  • Supports distributors to increase their customer base, as the same number of reps can cover more customers due to the efficiencies of Easystock.
  • Easystock co-ordinates supply and demand more efficiently – saving you time and money.

End Customer benefits

  • Effective control of stock
  • Controls costs
  • Helps drive efficiency and best practice
  • Timely stock ordering and delivery
  • Links to customer systems e.g. Sage

Easy Mobile is an add-on to Easy Stock, which provides a portable solution, perfect for customers with stock held in multiple locations/sites.

Get all the benefits of Easy Stock, for more end customers.